How to Fix Error on Canon ip2770

Download Resetter Printer Canon ip2770 - This tutorial will discuss how to fix the error on the printer Canon Pixma ip2700. This condition is characterized by the appearance of an error message on the screen that states " The Ink Absorber is Full ". Although this method does not explain the details of how to clean the ink disposal tank but at least this method is very helpful in an emergency.

How To Reset The Printer

  1. Turn off the printer first and make sure the power cable and usb cable attached.
  2. Press the Stop / Reset and then press and hold the Power button simultaneously. 
  3. Then release the Stop / Reset button and press 5 times, wait for about 2 second. This will cause the printer to enter the Service Mode state.
  4. Then release both Stop / Reset and Power button simultaneously. 
  5. On the LCD panel led will blink briefly then flash green. 
  6. On the desktop would appear that windows detects new hardware, it's not a problem just ignore it.
  7. Run Resetter Canon ip2770. Download on Resetter Canon ip2770 or in the link at the bottom of this page.
  8. Canon ip2770 Resetter Tool
    Canon ip2770 Resetter Tool
  9. You should prepare two sheets of paper in the paper tray of the printer.
  10. In the "Clear Ink Counter" section click "MAIN" then the printer will print one page like picture below.
  11. Canon ip2770 Resetter
    Print result
  12. Then click "EPROM Clear" and printer will print one page contains many lines of code.
  13. Latter, turn off the printer and turn it on again. The printer is ready to be used. Please comment if you encounter problems. If  you have lost your printer driver you can also download it on Download Canon ip2770 Printer Driver

Download Resetter Canon Printer

Version 1.074
Size 131 KB

Download Resetter

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