How to Fix Error P07 - E08 on Canon MP237

The problem that often occurs in the Canon MP237 printer is when the ink tank disposal is full. If your printer has been used in a long time, it can be ascertained error P07 - E08 will show up when you want to print. It is evident on the screen stating " The Ink Absorber is Almost Full ".

How To Solve

  1. Turn off the printer first and make sure the power cable and usb cable attached.
  2. Press the Stop / Reset and then press and hold the Power button simultaneously. 
  3. Then release the Stop / Reset button and press 6 times, wait for about 2 second. This will cause the printer to enter the Service Mode state.
  4. Then release both Stop / Reset and Power button simultaneously. 
  5. The LCD panel will be blank while on the desktop would appear that windows detects new hardware.
  6. Run Resetter Canon MP237. Download on Resetter Canon MP237.
  7. Prepare one sheets of paper in the paper tray of the printer.
  8. In the "Clear Ink Counter" section click "MAIN" then click "Set".
  9. In the "Clear Asorber Counter" section click "MAIN" then click "Set". Refer to the picture below.
  10. Resetter Canon MP237
    Resetter Canon MP237
  11. The final step, click "EPROM" then the printer will print one sheet that contains many lines of codes.
  12. Then turn off the printer and turn it on again. The printer is ready to be used.

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