How to Fix Error P07 / 5B00 on Canon MP258

This tutorial will help you resolve the error code P07 / 5B00 on Canon MP 258. Error code often arises as a result of the ink disposal tank is full and should be cleaned. However, by using the Canon MP258 resetter you do not have to bother cleaning it, just with a few steps you are able to use your printer again.

How To Solve

  1. Make sure the printer is turned off. 
  2. Press the Stop / Reset and then press and hold the Power button simultaneously. 
  3. The next step, release the Stop / Reset button and press twice, wait for about 2 second (Power button is still in a state of suppressed under these conditions). 
  4. Then release both Stop / Reset and Power button simultaneously. 
  5. Wait until Canon MP2598 LCD panel shows the number "0". 
  6. Run Resetter Canon MP258. 
  7. Prepare two sheets of paper in the paper tray of the printer. 
  8. At Resetter Program click MAIN, then the printer will print a sheet with the words "D = 000.0".
  9. Fix Error P07-5B00 Canon MP258
  10. The next step, click "EPROM Clear" and then click "EPROM" then the printer will print again one sheet that contains many lines of codes.
  11. Fix Error P07-5B00 Canon MP258
  12. Then turn off the printer and turn it on again. The printer is ready to be used.

Download Resetter Canon MP258

Software Specification :
Size 300 KB, Version 1074
Download Canon Resetter

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